Guide In Searching For An Air Ducts Contractors

Checking Your Air Ducts For Possible Damages

You just heard a loud popping sound from your air duct. It is very likely that something in the air conditioning unit or in the venting has failed and it would be best to shut down your AC system immediately to prevent further damage from happening. But before you do, follow these steps below to inspect the unit thoroughly:

Look for Leaks

First, check if there are any leaks around the joints of the AC unit by unscrewing the caps of the ducts. If there are, tighten them with a wrench. Also, look for water droplets on the outside of the AC unit which may indicate damaged insulation due to a leak or a crack somewhere nearby. You can also place a drop cloth under the AC unit and look for signs of dampness from the ground.

Inspect For Molds

Also before turning off your unit, any signs of molds on the unit should be cleaned immediately. Accumulated dirt or dust are perfect places for mold to grow so these must be wiped off with a damp cloth if you see any. Then use a dry towel to wipe off excess moisture.

Check For Blockages

Make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow in the AC unit by placing your hand inside one of the vents and feeling the air coming through it before starting up your AC again. If there isn’t, then check its filter which may look like a sock suspended from the ceiling with some sort of frame holding it together.



Why It Is Important To Hire An Air Duct Professional

When you think of air ducts, what do you think about them? If you think about a lot of things, then perhaps it’s time to clean them. Air ducts carry away dust and dirt from the inside of your home and circulate fresh air throughout. This means that they can pick up contaminants if not routinely cleaned out.

Hiring professionals to clean your air duct is important because 1) You might not be properly trained on how to inspect or clean your own system; 2) The cleaners will use eco-friendly products, ensuring there will be no damage to your family; 3) These professionals have access to special tools and techniques that ensure deep cleaning and excellent results, and 4) They guarantee their work with a written report of what was done.

You don’t want a dirty air duct system, and you shouldn’t wait until it becomes a problem before hiring cleaners. Cleaning your air ducts every 1-5 years is an ideal set-up for this type of maintenance since this will prevent dirt from building up in the long run. You can hire professionals for an inspection or cleaning at any time. Just remember that you need both to get all of the benefits from having them cleaned out!



Which Is The Best Option: Clean Or Replace Your Air Ducts

Almost every household has some kind of heating or cooling system, and everyone is familiar with the metal ducts that are responsible for transferring these systems’ resources to their desired locations. Attached to your HVAC unit, water heaters, or furnaces are typically one-to-two round tubes about four inches thick that are designed to funnel air through your house. These tubes are also referred to as “air ducts.”

As you can imagine, these air ducts get dirty over time. When vital components of the central air system like this become clogged with dust and debris, not only does it mean reduced airflow for you–which wastes energy and raises utility costs–but it also means inadequate filtration for your home’s air. Even worse, all that extra dust is settling into your living space and potentially triggering health issues for you and your family.

This has led to more households than ever opting for air duct cleaning multiple times per year, but it begs the question: Should you clean or replace it? Of course, there are many benefits to having a professional company come out and take care of the dirty work for you–but if that doesn’t seem feasible financially or practically, then buying a new air duct might be a good option.